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    Anitah is a Brisbane (Meanjin) based cellist, creative producer and educator, who is all about pushing the boundaries of performance, art and music and blurring the lines of genre. Anitah first stepped onto the Brisbane arts scene in 2015 after becoming a cellist, board members and creative producer of the not-for-profit arts organization and band, DeepBlue Orchestra. In 2018, Anitah bought together Luminescence and has since produced a number of multi-disciplinary collaborations, festival performances and independent shows with the group. Anitah also enjoys playing in the Brisbane Philharmonic Orchestra or dabbling in bass guitar. As a creative resident and producer at inner-city arts space, Superordinary, Anitah works on a number of arts and music events aimed at showcasing experimental performance and emerging talents. When she's not playing music or working on events, Anitah is probably huddled over some law textbooks or cooking up food for friends.

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